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The Legend & His Legacy

Each rendition of our Legacy Edition blend pays homage to Ernest Hemingway and those he inspired. It’s a celebration of his legacy and those who live out Hemingway’s ‘Never a Spectator’ mantra.

Released annually, Papa’s Pilar thoughtfully selects a legend in their own right to pay homage to, and blends their legacy throughout every detail of the rum and package created in their honor.

Legacy Edition 2023 is the third expression in the series and was crafted in honor of surfing legend and big-wave pioneer, Greg Noll, who like Hemingway, was famous for constantly pushing boundaries. Nicknamed “Da Bull” and known for wearing his iconic black and white striped boardshorts, Noll stared down fear and achieved what many thought was impossible.

A fearless and legendary adventurer, Noll proved it was possible to surf massive waves and is credited as the first person to surf, in 1964, the Third Reef Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. This was just one of Greg’s many pioneering moments in the big wave surfing world. He went on to become a prominent longboard shaper and founded Noll Surfboards in California, famous for its custom boards made of different types of quality wood. Noll passed away in 2021, but his legacy lives large, carried on by his son, Jed Noll in San Clemente, California, at Noll Surfboards.

Papas Pilar Sparkler

Artisanal Crafted Rum

Crafted by 7th Generation Master Distiller Ron Call, Legacy 2023 is made with rums from the Caribbean and South America that were blended in Bourbon barrels and Spanish Sherry casks, and expertly finished in once-used Apple Brandy French Limousin oak casks. A small amount of the rum is also finished in apricot and orange bitters casks. The resulting rum is complex and layered, offering a delicate aroma alongside a dynamic flavor profile.

“The nose of the rum is characterized by floral and citrus notes, with hints of vanilla and coconut, adding depth to the aroma.”
-Shawn Martin, Key West Rum Maker
“The palate of the rum is where it really shines, with flavors of apricot, pine and bitter citrus peel dominating, followed by sweeter notes of orange blossom honey and herbal hints of lavender, rosemary and cinnamon.”
-Andrew McNamara, Master Sommelier

Premium Craftsmanship

Greg Noll went on to become a prominent longboard shaper, founding Noll Surfboards, famous for its custom surfboards made out of different types of wood. Today, Noll Surfboards & Greg’s legacy is carried on by his son Jed. Jed builds their world-renowned surfboards out of modern eco-friendly eps/epoxy, balsa wood, locally sourced redwood, black walnut, koa, myrtle and more. Each specialty board is hand-shaped to create unique surfboards for each and every customer.

The honor Noll’s legacy further, Papa’s Pilar collaborated with the Noll family to incorporate unique design elements inspired by Noll’s life and the legacy he left behind. The WWII canteen canvas-wrapped bottle includes authentic nods to the Noll family legacy. Each bottle contains a medallion and a bespoke coaster made from real wooden surfboard remnants, sourced from the Noll Surfboards Shaping Room in Northern California. Every coaster is finished with Greg Noll’s iconic black stripe design and tucked into the back of each canvas-wrapped bottle. No coaster or medallion is the same, containing different wood patterns and blends in each one.

Ron Call Master Distiller Papas Pilar Papa's Pilar 2023 Legacy Rum Steve Groth & Jed Noll Jed Noll Shaping Surfboard Papa's Pilar 2023 Legacy Rum Botle Wood Medallion

Steve Groth & Jed Noll


For the last 11 years, Papa’s Pilar has proudly donated to worthy initiatives that would make Papa proud. In line with our ethos, a portion of the proceeds of all Legacy Edition 2023 sales will be donated to Pipeline to a Cure, a nonprofit organization founded to celebrate the role surfing played in the development of hypertonic saline, an important treatment for those living with cystic fibrosis.

“Every time you sell a bottle, you have a moment to make an impact.”
-Steve Groth, Founder & CEO of Papa’s Pilar Rum

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